Indemar is a leading manufacturer of mechanical control systems, joysticks and push-pull cables. The products are designed and manufactured for applications such as construction equipment, agricultural and industrial machinery as well as marine applications.

As part of our growing global business, INDEMAR has decided to establish itself long term in the North American market. We started the process a couple years ago by teaming up with Torsten Rempe of GT Controls.

At this point, we’re really encouraged by the positive reception our products have received from OEM customers and dedicated distributors.

Giovanni Gritta Tassorello

Our goal is to establish Indemar North America, find and train additional value added distributors as well as grow the business, mainly in the construction and agricultural markets.

Therefore, our VP of global sales, Mr. Giovanni Gritta Tassorello, will spend several months, living in the U.S., in order to familiarize himself more with the U.S market before his return to Italy this fall.

Giovanni, feel free to call him Joe, will focus on business development, establishing and training new distributors as well as scouting a permanent location for our North American

headquarters. He’ll work together with GT Controls to accomplish these tasks. At this time, Giovanni resides in Omaha, Nebraska, where Indemar has a key supplier and family friend, who assisted with logistics.

Giovanni will be available to go on customer visits, sales calls as well as assisting with day to day tasks and questions.

Feel free to reach out to Giovanni:

Phone: +1 402 6705939
Email: ggritta@indemar.com

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